On vous apprend à lire le cours de la bourse

apprend à lire le cours de la bourse

If you want to invest your savings in the stock market, it is imperative to have the basic knowledge allowing you to properly manage your invested capital. Indeed, you must learn to choose your stocks and to correctly analyze the evolution of prices and stock quotes. If you are new to this field, learn how to read stock quotes columns.

The indices to read the stock market price

Before embarking on an investment in the stock market, you must first learn to read the various indices relating to the stock market price. To do this, here’s everything you need to understand about the different titles and abbreviations:

  • values ​​/ mnemo : indicates the name of the value in question,
  • info : groups together all the different groups of capitalization sizes of the security in question. We find group A for capitalizations exceeding 1 billion euros, group B for capitalizations between 1 billion and 150 million euros … etc.,
  • OST (corporate action) : refers to all the current transactions of a company,
  • ISIN : an identifier assigned to each company for easy identification,
  • coupon detachment date / div : which indicates the CoinJoin coupons detachment dates,
  • open / vol. / number of shares: indicates the opening price, the amounts exchanged, as well as the number of shares having changed hands,
  • clot./+haut/+low : indicates the last price quoted, the highest price, as well as the lowest price during a session,
  • % veil /% minus /% 52S : represents the losses and gains of a value since the beginning of the month, as well as over the 52 weeks (one year) in sliding,
  • % year / + high year / + low year : represents losses and gains in value since the start of the year,
  • EPS represents earnings per share,
  • PER indicates the price / earnings ratio for each share,
  • RDT indicates the yield which corresponds to the dividend per year.

Over time, you will become more familiar with these different indices allowing you to read the stock market prices well for an optimal investment.

Tips for a successful investment in the stock market

Reading prices is not the only guarantee of a good return on your stock market assets. Indeed, to be successful on the stock market, it is also important to:

  • choose your investment method between the securities account and the PEA ,
  • well choose your online broker depending on the quality of services as well as brokerage fees,
  • preferably invest with large multinationals in view of their ability to adapt to different stock market situations,
  • favor actions that are easy to manage and that fit into your skills and among the sectors that you understand best,
  • never invest on a crush,
  • avoid investing in listed startups,
  • learn to have an independent and above all critical mind, to properly analyze the different stock market situations,
  • remain patient and not be obsessed with changes in courses,
  • have the spirit of an entrepreneur and accept possible failures. It is important to learn from your mistakes to be successful on the stock market,
  • learn stock market speculation in order to make the right decisions quickly and make short-term gains.

As you will have understood, success on the stock market relies on many skills that every trader must understand in order to optimize his return on the stock market. To ensure better results, do not hesitate to take trading training to better understand the principles of stock market analysis and better understand prices, as well as their interpretation.

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